Sunday, May 15, 2011

my latest adbuster video

 The commodification of culture. A look at some cultural icons including the Statue of Liberty, barcodes, junk food corporations, & altered barbies

adbuster - corporatisation of culture

As we see more product placement in movies, TV news, & newspaper editorial content, I predict that we may well also see the corporatisation of culture and history.
For instance Manet's "The Picnickers" will become "The KFC Picnic - how about a bumper bucket?'

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

debt is the slavery of the free - Syrus 42BC

In Australia "The proportion of people citing excessive use of credit as the reason for declaring themselves bankrupt.. more than doubled, to over 21%" between 2000 & 2005.
-from "Affluenza - when too much is never enough" p72-73
by Clive Hamilton & Richard Dennis

Sunday, May 1, 2011

the wonders of modern technology

"Advertising at its best is making people feel that, without their product, you're a looser. Kids are very sensitive to that. If you tell them to buy something, they are resistant. But if you tell them they'll be a dork if they don't, you've got their attention........Advertisers are more aware than anyone of many children's need to see themselves as 'cool'. The ability to demonstrate coolness through spending is an important message that advertisers try to impart.....Brands have become an inseparable part of children's maturing consciousness. Nearly half the world's 8 to 12 year olds say the clothes & the brands they wear describe who they are & define their social status. Lindstrom notes that tweens are exposed to more than 8,000 brands a day & that they influence close to 60% of all brand decisions made by their parents......more & more tweens define their worth, their role in the social hierarchy, their popularity, & their success by the brands they wear, eat, & live with. Functionality takes a back seat to the belief that along with ownership of the brand comes success & admiration...Tween tribes ...have become active advocates for the brand"

from "Affluenza - when too much is never enough" p51-56
by Clive Hamilton & Richard Dennis
 PS - the text on the phone in the image is a real one - it was sent to my mobile by mistake....