Friday, October 9, 2015

recycling manifesto

Some time ago I was invited to be a judge at the "Trash to Fashion" show on Waikeke Island.
At the symposium before the show I gave a talk entitled:

Read the full text at:

I have been invited to exhibit at a group assemblage show entitled "Ten Thousand Things" at the Depot Community gallery in Devonport in March 2016 - I will be exhibiting a variety of work including some adbusting and culture jamming images in the form of zines.
See videos of my zines on my youtube channel:

Monday, June 1, 2015

the gnp

"We will find neither national purpose nor personal satisfaction in a mere continuation of economic progress, in a endless amassing of worldly goods....The gross national product includes the destruction of the redwoods and the death of Lake Superior".
          - Bobby Kennedy

Sunday, April 26, 2015

captain cook

“Captain Cook - The Coming of the White Man to the South Pacific”

This counter cultural image of Captain Cook is in the vein of the biting social, political and historical commentary of traditional pictorial Mexican art.
The macabre iconography of the Day of the Dead (skulls, skelletons) presents an opportunity for anti-establishment political and social opinions to be expressed - often via dark, satirical visual humour. Provocative, often burlesque, vibrant graphic and folk art images of animated skeletons and skulls serve to mock politicians, ridicule the wealthy and bourgeois for their excesses and vanity, deride the powerful and corrupt, and caricature the pretentious - providing biting commentary on a wide range of human foibles often in a grotesque carnival-like style.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

calling all iphone buyers

Sydney Morning Herald: "Security teams wearing riot helmets and wielding plastic shields marched around a Foxconn factory in northern China in a sign that tensions remain high after a fight between 2000 workers halted production."
 Appalling labour conditions and Mcwages in Chinese Apple plants may well be on the way to NZ & Australia if the TPP "free trade" deal is signed.
Meanwhile, mindless repeat Apple consumers please note that you support this behaviour - the legacy of Apple founder Steve 'Robs'.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

talking shit

British American Tobacco executive Steve Rush speaking against plain packaging of how the tobacco killers are running scared from the recent ruling in Australia in support of plain packaging:

 BAT - licensed to kill

Hey kids - smoking makes you look cool - right?
Remember - these things are not called "coffin nails" for no reason.