Saturday, June 5, 2010


* another adbusting & culture jamming session with the Prof of Garbology*
With the opening of another of these nightmares in my area, I thought I would share a couple of points from the book by George Ritzer "The McDonaldization of Society" which I have just read.
The principles of the process Ritzer terms “McDonaldization” are rapidly coming to dominate more & more sectors of society, with predictable, generally adverse, results. It seems no sector of society is immune - not only the restaurant business, but also education, health care, work, travel, insurance, dieting, politics, the family and more are rapidly being remodeled into this new paradigm.
Ritzer says:“The forces behind McDonaldization seem intent on replacing the laws of nature with a completely rational regime, making the world in every way efficient, calculable, predictable & controlled", and goes on to quote Jean Baudrillard:
“The fundamental law of the social order is the progressive control of life & death” - which is ironic when Mcd's claim that "WE DO IT YOUR WAY" & even more chillingly "WE DO IT ALL FOR YOU" .....

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